Where Local Control Goes Awry, Cont’d

A few days ago, I posted a story about the E Ramapo, NY school board.  The Board has a majority Hasidim and has used their clout to replace the long-serving attorney to the Board with one 4X as expensive and for the seeming purpose of trying to transfer tax dollars meant for public schools to the special needs programs at the yeshivot that the Hasidic children attend.  The VP of the Board and leader of the meeting in which the attorney was voted in over howls of protest from the non-Hasidic community was one Aron Wieder, who spent the 20 Nov meeting looking sullen and annoyed that he had to deal with angry people as he virtually ignored them.

While I thought Mr. Wieder lacked class and basic manners, I do not fault the Hasidim for their actions.  They are only doing what is in their interest and exercising the fruits of majority rule and the political process.

Mr. Wieder seems to have seen what we did in his performance that night.  Here is a speech to address the polarizing issue of the lawyer before the community:

A few thoughts:

  • “Change we can believe in…”?  Huh?  I didn’t think the frum went so much for Obama.
  • He basically accuses the non-Hasidic board members who claimed that they were never invited to interview the new lawyer of lying.  Nice way of uniting the community.
  • No proof offered in that accusation, BTW.
  • “God Bless America”: the hooting and hollering when he says this were just creepy.  Who was in the audience here?

No matter anyway: Mr. Wieder has been offered a position as Administrative Assistant to Spring Valley’s [Democratic, non-Jewish] Mayor, and has taken it.  Good for him.  But I hope that the inclusion of the Hasidim in their larger community brings folks closer together.