What do Tom Finneran and Sarah Palin have in common?

“Speaker Finneran was there at the creation,’’ Ware said. “I had hoped to elicit the truth from Speaker Finneran, and instead I was stonewalled.’’

But Finneran regained his voice the day after the release of Ware’s report. He defended himself on his morning radio show on WRKO-AM.

Criminals like Finneran only talk when in their own cocoon.  No nasty questions about a system of patronage that costs Massachusetts residents so much more than just money.  Because in the end, as Billy Bulger’s son Chris stated, hey, this is the way things work on Beacon Hill.  Not to visit a father’s sins upon his son, but if anyone, he should know.  So shut up, get on with your miserable lives, and every other year, remember to vote in the “D” column no matter what.

Speaking of cocoons: does an over-reliance on a cocoon imply that Sarah Palin is a criminal?  [Now I sound like an anchor from Fox news.]  Who knows.  But she surely has something to hide.  Even Jennifer Rubin, whom I have raked over the coals in these pages for her fangirl support of an obviously unqualified candidate, believes that Palin needs to get out of her cocoon.  But just remember one thing: a candidate that gets elected from within his or her own coocon will truly give us the government we deserve.

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