The dangerously ignorant, if not anti-Semitic, Glenn Beck

I’ve had at Beck in Facebook, but Rick Hertzberg in the New Yorker completely demolishes him:

Beck pictured Soros as a deeply evil figure, a shadowy manipulator whose marionettes include unions, the Democratic Party, the media, and the President; a rapacious financier who seeks to subvert and destroy the American republic in order to satisfy his own greed for money and advance his plot to establish an all-powerful global state under his control. As it happens, these tropes correspond uncannily to those of classical anti-Semitism. This was too much for many who recognized the resemblance; Beck’s denouncers included not only the Anti-Defamation League but also Commentary, the neoconservative organ, and Reason, the libertarian bible. Certainly, the vast bulk of Beck’s fans didn’t recognize the tropes; probably he didn’t, either. “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is not among the books he recommends to his fans. (“The Red Network,” by Elizabeth Dilling, to whom President Eisenhower was “Ike the Kike” and President Kennedy’s program the “Jew Frontier,” however, is.)

I’ll say it again: those who think that Fox News is “Good For The Jews” [is there a copyright symbol that goes with that line?] are deceiving themselves.  Fox and those like Beck and Roger Ailes [he of the “NPR = Nazis”] only seem to prize Jews as they prize Israel in the sense of it not being a place of safety for Jews worldwide but a place where Jews can put on uniforms and go to war against Muslims in our stead.

Beck has no idea of Jewish or Israeli history.  He only knows the bits and pieces of propaganda that feed his narrative.  To call George Soros a Nazi sympathizer is the worst sort of libel, especially while simultaneously doling out classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.  The fact that this phony has the eyes and ears of a huge American audience should be more than slightly worrying.

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