“We test, make judgments and write about things we understand.”

Rush Limbaugh attacks and questions the credibility of Motor Trend for giving the Chevy Volt its Car of the Year award. Todd Lassa, in what looks like a classic takedown, answers El Rushbo decisively:

[O]ur credibility, Mr. Limbaugh, comes from actually driving and testing the car, and understanding its advanced technology. It comes from driving and testing virtually every new car sold, and from doing this once a year with all the all-new or significantly improved models all at the same time. We test, make judgments and write about things we understand.

Lassa goes on to wonder why Big R never questions the Volt’s competitor, the Nissan Leaf:

The Obama tax credit extends to the new Nissan Leaf, too, but if you or Will slammed that car, I’ve not heard or read it. I’d be surprised if you did, though, as Nissan is building the Leaf in a non-union factory in a right-to-work state represented by two Republican senators. A factory located there because Tennessee offered Nissan big tax credits. Maybe you’re worried that if the $7,500 tax credit works, too many people will buy the Volt, and that could reduce the need for oil drilling tax credits?

Reading this gave me palpitations of joy.  Not just because Rush Limbaugh was savagely attacked, but because something which is missing from a lot of blogs come out in full force: expertise.  Motor Trend not only knows its cars but also how the law and business of cars.  It becomes a hoot when someone like Limbaugh who one could imagine enjoys driving his V-12, pedal-to-the-metal, a fellow who would seem to eat, sleep, and shit cars, really doesn’t know jack about them.

Rushie Boy doesn’t know cars, the law, or the business behind them.  All he knows is talking points for Southern Republicans, one of which is that Global warming is a hoax and anything we do to try to slow down its effects are poison.  Rush knows how to thrash and point his nasty words at people.  But anyone who thinks he has any solution to any problem should heed the advice Lassa gives to El Rushbo in his closing sentence:

Just remember: driving and Oxycontin don’t mix.

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