Speaker DeLeo assumes we’re as stupid as his relatives

MA House Speaker Robert DeLeo thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with his pushing his relatives onto the Probation Dept. payroll:

“We recommend folks, whether it’s for school or housing, whatever it may be,” he told reporters after emerging, with Senate President Therese Murray, from a meeting in the governor’s office in which the three leaders discussed the Probation Department’s problems.

“We make recommendations for people for jobs. It’s just that. It’s a recommendation,” DeLeo said. “What happens thereafter – whether they get the job or they don’t get the job – depends upon the folks making the decision. I can tell you I do not put any undue influence on anyone relative to the hiring or not hiring of the person.”

DeLeo sponsored 12 people for jobs in the department, seven of whom were hired, according to the report by Paul F. Ware Jr., a prosecutor who was appointed by the state’s highest court to investigate the agency following a series of reports by the Globe Spotlight Team. One of those hired was Brian Mirasolo, who at 28 is one of the youngest chief probation officers in Massachusetts history. DeLeo said Mirasolo achieved that title through his own merit.

“I wrote a letter of recommendation for him,” DeLeo said. “And that was the extent of my recommendation of Brian. Upon his getting the probation job, from there on, I had nothing to with his elevatuion from there. He must have proven it by his excellent work record.”

I have come to the conclusion that, yeah, DeLeo and his fellow lawmakers who think like this have really hit rock bottom ethically. I mean, these people control the purse strings for departments like the Probation Dept. What does he think, we’re as fucking stupid as his relatives who can’t find a frakin’ job on their own? How in G-d’s name does one not see a conflict of interest?!?

We need the Public Disclosure Law extended to cover these crooks, so that the newspapers and interested citizens can find out about correlations between department budgets and relatives who get nice state jobs. I hate to sound like Howie Carr on this issue, but I can see where a lot of his misplaced anger toward the average, hardworking state employee comes from.

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