Strange Bedfellows

The latest Wikileaks has been released and, as with Jeffrey Goldberg, one wonders if US military secrets are stored in a shoebox.

Speaking of which, Goldberg has some fascinating insight into these leaks, such as this:

Since we all know that only Israelis and their neocon supporters in America seek a military attack on Iran’s nuclear program, Bahrain must be under the control of neocons: “There was little surprising in Mr. Barak’s implicit threat that Israel might attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. As a pressure tactic, Israeli officials have been setting such deadlines, and extending them, for years. But six months later it was an Arab leader, the king of Bahrain, who provides the base for the American Fifth Fleet, telling the Americans that the Iranian nuclear program ‘must be stopped,’ according to another cable. ‘The danger of letting it go on is greater than the danger of stopping it,'” he said.

The Saudis, too, are neocons, apparently: The Bahraini king’s “plea was shared by many of America’s Arab allies, including the powerful King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who according to another cable repeatedly implored Washington to ‘cut off the head of the snake’ while there was still time.”

I won’t be posting any of the leaks here, but I urge you to read about them here and here. [In the latter link, Goldberg exposes Andrew Sullivan’s wrong-headedness on the issue. The Atlantic has become a one of my favorite places on the Web because Goldberg and Sullivan can argue like this and remain more than civil about it.]

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