Morons claiming to be “Educated Jews”, Palin Edition

Let’s begin by reminding ourselves why Jews generally speaking hate Sarah Palin:

Jews…are swayed by the notion that the presidency is a knowledge-based position requiring a background in the examination of detailed data and sophisticated analysis. They assume that such knowledge is the special preserve of a certain type of credentialed thinker (the better the university, the more unquestioned the credential) and that possessing this knowledge is the key to a successful presidency…The argument that such knowledge might be acquired or accessed when necessary by a person who has demonstrated a more instinctual skill set—the capacity to make decisions and to lead people—does not resonate with those for whom intellectual rigor has been a defining characteristic and a pathway to success.

That shot of brilliance comes from the mind of Jennifer Rubin, who today leaves Commentary for the Washington Post. Lucky them.

But never mind that. Here we have the Four Horses Arses of The Apocalypse:

Lieberman, Kristol, Lipsky, and the Podhoretz’s are sophisticated, educated, thinking Jews who appreciate Palin’s heartfelt support for Israel, her forceful and informed advocacy for energy independence, her strong stance on national security, and her fealty to traditional moral values (sometimes we forget these are Jewish values, too!). All are bellwethers of the increasing respect for Sarah Palin amongst us – the educated and affluent American Jews.

This of course was written by Binyamin Korn, he of [Sorry, I can’t bring myself to link to that.] So make that Five horses arses.

Seriously, what in G-d’s name do they think makes Sarah Palin good for American Jews? Or Israeli Jews, except in supporting their right to binge drink before they slip into an occupation coma?

I love this quote the best:

Palin’s Constitutional conservatism, in Lipsky’s view, “is unifying, uplifting, and inclusive.”

Let’s analyze this a bit. I’ll let them have Uplifting, as long as it makes them feel good. Unifying? Is he nuts? Sarah Palin is the most polarizing figure in American politics today. Inclusive? As long as you are white, rich, Christian and live in a rural area, then sure. Otherwise, fuck you and die, un-American scum.

Remember, Jews hate Palin because…O screw it. We hate Palin for every reason why most countries have found Jews an annoying lot. They ask too many questions. They sometimes express doubt. They are intellectually curious. Jennifer Rubin had this nailed ages ago. And now here comes Korn and his [sorry, I can’t help it] Korny JewsForSarah claiming the mantle for “sophisticated, educated, thinking Jews”. How is this even remotely possible?

Reader challenge: can we find other incredibly stupid propaganda fronts involving Jewish mobilization? I am reading When they come for us, we’ll be gone, and that book mentions a newspaper called Sovietisch Heimland [Soviet Homeland in Yiddish], which tried to pass off the severely anti-Semitic Soviet system as fun and exciting for Jews. Let’s see to what else we can compare

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