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OK, I’m gonna jump into the snakepit. I am a fan of CS Lewis. I read the entire Narnia series to my son when he was 6. I also read The Screwtape Letters and found it very enjoyable and well-written.

So Sarah Palin finds Lewis an inspiration. Her defenders, like this slob in the WSJ, jump on Palin critics like the execrable Joy Behar, who shows off her vapidity by stating that Lewis is a children’s author:

In both interviews Mrs. Palin cited C.S. Lewis as a favorite author she looks to for inspiration. This prompted talk-show host and comedienne Joy Behar of “The View” to deride Mrs. Palin and her choice of reading, asking: “Aren’t those children’s books?”

O the horror!  Of course Behar should be exposed as the imbecile she is, the sort of knee-jerk lefty incapable of any brain activity except those incurred by pure impulse.

But seriously, is Behar a cause by which to defend the at least equally vapid Palin?  I mean, the article makes for a nice promotion of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, a, um…children’s book whose movie version is currently in theaters [and in my humble opinion, rather disappointing].  Yes, a children’s book!  It may have very religious themes that adults can appreciate but the book is written for children.

This Flaherty guy seems to be stretching to make Palin a natural heir to Lewis, while lobbing bombs at the crash-test dummy persona of Behar:

Lewis would likely have appreciated making Mrs. Palin’s reading list. But he probably would have appreciated the questions about it even more. For Lewis, one of the best ways to know a person was to know what they read…

Mrs. Palin is on the right track by giving C.S. Lewis a prominent place on her reading list. Yet Ms. Behar and other Palin critics have dismissed Lewis’s work, forgetting that Lewis was a medieval and renaissance scholar at Oxford and the author of several brilliant Christian apologetics. Ms. Behar’s dismissal of children’s books as less than important makes her a modern-day Eustace, the type of bully who mocks readers of fairy tales as simpletons

Who are these Other Palin Critics who have dismissed Lewis’s work?  Lewis absolutely had his share of critics [for instance, this guy], but I can’t imagine them being put into the same intellectual camp as, um, Joy Behar.  [Or maybe that’s what Flaherty is trying to do.]  Nor can I recall any of them specifically speaking out against Palin and Lewis simultaneously, although I guess if you hate Lewis for his non-PC themes, I guess you won’t be such a Palin fan.  But let’s get Flaherty to provide specific examples, which of course he can’t.

Flaherty can’t because the article is an A Number One example of Shit-For-Brains-Ultra-Right-Wing writing.  It is bits of meat for the alligators in the pit.  No facts required.  Or logic.  Consider that Flaherty defends Palin from the charge of being inspired by a writer of children’s books by citing…a children’s book.  [Why not cite Mere Christianity or The Screwtape Letters?]

Nor can Flaherty provide an example of Palin citing why Lewis as an inspiration in her own words?  Why not?  Likely Palin hasn’t read much Lewis beyond The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  Of course, how would I know?  But seriously, for someone who seems to want to appear like she, uh, reads, she does a lousy job of it.  [And of course, it is obvious that reading is not a part of her family tradition.  How many of her kids have gone or are going to college?]

So, if this is what Palin defense looks like, please let’s have more of it.

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    Yeah, I’m no Sarah Palin fan. I do, however, despise Joy Behar, who exemplifies the worst excesses and foolishness of “The Professional Left” (to quote the Obama Administration). She is a mean, bitter woman who with her every television appearance gives ammunition to people who claim that women have no brains, honor or common sense. This latest is yet another example of Behar’s ignorance and vapidity, as well as the intellectual bankruptcy and hypocrisy of the left.

  • I agree with you re Behar. She has time and time again exposed herself as an idiot. The View can choose to keep her on, but so long as she occupies her seat, she keeps the show in the minor leagues.