What, pray tell, will make Obama’s critics happy about his position vis-a-vis Israel?

Reading reactions from right-wing politicians and commentators to Obama’s Mideast speech yesterday, one wonders what it would take to make these guys happy.

Several of my friends yesterday immediately went ballistic. Over what? Mention of “1967 lines”, which of course became “pre-1967 borders”. Jeffrey Goldberg, as usual, clears up the confusion:

President Obama didn’t “insist” that Israel return to its 1967 borders. He said the 1967 borders should form the basis of negotiations, and that Israel and Palestine should swap land, land swaps that would bring settlement blocs and East Jerusalem Jewish neighborhoods into Israel proper.

BTW, Goldberg’s reaction to Romney is pitch perfect:

Obama has thrown Israel under a bus? Top officials of the Israeli defense ministry have been telling me, and other reporters, for a couple of years now that military cooperation between their country and America has never been better. Some bus. There are a lot of countries out there that would like to be thrown under simliar buses.

Perhaps this is the sort of reception Republicans expect Obama to have for Bibi:

White House Reception

[BTW I did not mean to imply that Bibi would destroy the White House on his visit.]

But seriously, what are we, as Americans, supposed to do? I love Israel and I worry for her long-term future. But it makes me sick to stand here and watch her leaders make poor decisions, time after time. I do know that the Palestinian leadership is no gift, especially as it has teamed up with the apocalyptic Jew-haters of Hamas. That said, Israel needs to draw borders and soon if it cares to be a Jewish democracy.