Religious Freedom, Pizza, and The Stupid: Please, Make It Stop

So unless you’ve been living in a cave the past week or so, you know about Indiana’s botched RFRA act and its signing by its terribly unfortunate Governor.  The incident has ignited a kulturkampf the likes of which are…let’s face it, necessary to keep the news agencies alive during periods of otherwise slow news.

But I’d like to focus on a micro-incident that has religious conservatives who support the bill in a lather.  An owner of a small pizza restaurant in Walkerton, IN, stated publicly, as the focus of a news segment, that as a Christian she would not cater a gay wedding.   If you see the video, the young owner seems very sincere about her faith and what it means, and that she supports the controversial new law.  Her father states plainly that he doesn’t have to support anyone’s lifestyle choice, so at least you know where he’s coming from.

The reaction was about as predictable as that of my dog upon smelling a steak being unwrapped in front of her.  That’s right: The Stupid.  Liberals pounced on the non-would-be-gay-wedding-pizza-caterers, one-starring them in Yelp and making grand pronouncements against them in blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and whatever else.  Conservatives who support this bill and every other anti-LGBT measure fought back.  The non-would-be-gay-wedding-pizza-caterers then announced very publicly that they were being forced to close their doors due to the backlash.  Liberals apparently became the “new McCarthyites.”

A bit of free advice to my pro-equality allies: stop!  Just stop being so dumb and visceral.  Know where you are.  The country as a whole is on our side.  Who gives a rat’s ass about a shitty** pizza joint that is turning away hypothetical catering business?  The attention that these folks have drawn to themselves – which to anyone not comatose is obviously done deliberately – has brought them, as of this writing, nearly half a million dollars from a GoFundMe account.  These people are playing the Martyr bit, and doing it well.  Don’t buy into it!

So, really, stop.  Stop paying attention to these people, and anyone else who boldly pronounces their refusal to serve customers that don’t exist.  Focus instead on legal protections for LGBT citizens of Indiana.  Because no kid  I know in this country has ever attempted suicide because of their oppressed religion.

**As I have never eaten at Memories Pizza, I have no idea how their pizza is.  But if they need this sort of publicity, then my guess is that the food does not speak for itself.