Donald Trump Has No Balls

Did I stutter?

Donald Trump is a big, fat coward.  No balls.  None.

Why can I say this with such conviction?  Easy.  Have a look a this:

…@CyberTrump was responding to my recent tweet of an essay by Robert Kagan on the emergence of fascism in the United States…Just weeks later, I found myself staring down a social-media timeline filled with the raw hate and anti-Semitic tropes that for centuries fueled expulsion, persecution, pogroms and finally genocide…

I am not the first Jewish journalist to experience the onslaught. Julia Ioffe was served up on social media in concentration camp garb and worse after Trump supporters took umbrage with her profile of Melania Trump in GQ magazine. The would-be first lady later told an interviewer that Ms. Ioffe had provoked it. The anti-Semitic hate hurled at the conservative commentator Bethany Mandel prompted her to buy a gun…

…And still, we have heard nothing from Mr. Trump, no denunciation, no broad renouncing of racist, anti-Semitic support, no expressions of sympathy for its victims.

I’ll tell you why there has been no such statement (and even worse from his wife, the First Lady-wannabe): he can’t afford to say anything.  He cannot afford to isolate his supporters.  And, stop kidding yourselves, if you support Trump, the people who sent the anti-Semitic and racist crap to journalists who dared write anything not officially approved by the Ball-less One himself.

But that acknowledging a certain reality make one a ball-less coward?  No, not really.  I will tell you what does, though: throwing your own kids under the bus.  You see, Mr. Trump has a Jewish son-in-law, an observant one at that.  His daughter Ivanka converted.  Mr. Trump’s grandkids are Jewish.  I do not believe that Mr. Trump has an anti-Semitic bone in his body.

And that’s why he is a coward.  He knows about these stories – I imagine he is questioned many times a day about them.  The story to which I linked was in the Sunday Times and very prominent.  And he must know what these bigots are saying about his children and grandchildren!  And yet…he fears losing the bigot vote.

Now, some of you may say, well, Bernie is no better.  I mean, didn’t that Kirchick guy expose Bernie’s pusillanimity in the face of a direct anti-Semitic trope?

 …[A]nti-Semitism again reared its ugly head in the form of a questioner who confronted Sanders at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. “As you know,” the man asked, “the Zionist Jews—and I don’t mean to offend anybody—they run the Federal Reserve, they run Wall Street, they run every campaign.”

Sanders’ answer was disappointing. Rather than use the outburst as an opportunity to rebuke blatant bigotry and leave it at that, Sanders thought it necessary to express his pro-Palestinian bona fides—so, you know, no one might think he was that kind of Jew. “Talking about Zionism and Israel,” Sanders said, “I am a strong defender of Israel, but I also believe that we have got to pay attention to the needs of the Palestinian people.”

This was also cowardly in a sense and Kirchick is right to have called him out on it.  But Sanders – as much as his supporters (I was one until that incident) wish to think otherwise – is not the presumptive nominee of a major party.

But Mr. Trump is.  And he has no balls.  That bodes not well for a supposed Trump presidency.


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